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Fertiger Fivem Server, 250+ Addon Cars, Custom Kleidung, 300 Andere Custom Ausergewöhnliche Scripts

  • Xtreme Fivem Server:


    (Server is available in German or in Englisch.)

    This is A fully Ready Fivem Server with functions that will blow your Mind!

    It has all the standart functions that most FiveM Server have,

    but also has insane Functions that you have never seen Before.

    This Functions Will bring your Rp on another level. I can' t tell you all features cause this would be tooo big, but i can tell you some.


    Insane Stuff first: there is a Space Center where you can Launch a Rocket with up to 4 passengers wich has Sideboosters and stuff that is getting detached after start. After you are at max height you are getting teleported out of map so you are pretty much Away from Los Santos, i was still working on this script and i wanted to Build a Mars Terrain first where you could Land on, this would be insane RP. Maybe i will update this in future

    There is an own system for teslas, first of all there are alot of Tesla Models and there are own superchargers where you need to charge the Tesla,

    also the Teslas have Autopilot, Crash Avoidance, Emergency Brake, Tesla Dance, And You can Mark your car and even make it drive to you

    Register System with Custom Spawnpoint (default is at the Train Station at the Jobcenter)

    After you spawned you can Rent an E-Scooter to come into the City

    There are alot of Gang Jobs and Jobs like LSPD and LSMD Bennys

    Of course there are also already preset custom cars and Clothes in the State Jobs

    Custom Gun Designs, every Gun looks like a real one

    Custom 3D Map

    There is Cayo Perico and also 2 Small Private Islands. You could live on cayo perico there is everthing you need, a Garage, Impound, Clothing Shops, Normal Shops with Food and Stuff and A Bank

    There is a McDonalds on the Meeting Point you can go in there then it Opens a real McDonalds UI and you can buy all McDonalds Products and acutally eat them

    there are a lot of custom Drug routes and Freelancer Jobs

    Jobcenter also has some jobs

    There are alot of functions for Police such as attaching Trackers to Vehicles and Tackling players, they can also do announcements with a megaphone in cars. And also they can scan peoples speed by their Speed radars in Cars

    Realistic Animations when paramedics are reviving + they have rescue stretchers

    Different Voice Systems are included

    Script where you can get injured when you are to low on hp, You cant run fast then and if you try to Shoot you are in the Injured shooting animation + you cant Hold Big weapons like Ars

    also there is a step between death and Injured, if you are extremly low, for example got shot down by the Police you are on the ground and can either hold "E" for 5 Seconds to stand up or just stay on the Ground to give Up

    Also you fall down when you get hit with a gun, but if you have a west you dont

    200+ real cars, all in Car Dealer.

    There are usable wests for police and for civs

    There is a phone with all functions + There are news, you can watch Youtube and there is a full crypto Investment System wich is using the real Crypto prices

    A Bag System where you can put stuff in and out and Drop the Bag

    An Emote system

    Panicbutton for Police

    Flashbangs with cool effects, you can get by giving yourself WEAPON_FLASHBANG

    A pet system

    a Cool HUD on Foot and for Cars

    a nice Fueling System with HUD

    Shops with alot of stuff

    Weapon Accesorries

    There is an Amunation Job, its called knespes Waffen but you can rename that

    Clean Notifications

    vMenu only for Admins

    /admin for admin Skin (only for admins)

    /th near to a player and you need any Pistol to take Hostage

    Trunk System

    Document System. Where police can give you a Signed weapon License for example

    Speed Radars with Billing and police notifications.

    there is a cool System for Medics that they can get out a rescue stretcher and put someone on it and carry the stretcher somewhere or even put it in the Medic Car

    A Cinema System at the Beach you can Watch Youtube with, you can add people who can do the /hypnonema command in the server.cfg

    A Station at the Beach where you can Rent an Oxygen Mask(Scuba Tank) so you can go diving an breathe underwater for 30 Minutes

    There is a cool Boxing Arena and also Jobs with real Boxing Clothing like Gloves and stuff. So you can do cool Boxing Events

    Almost every Cloth is a Custom Cloth, also the Police Vest and stuff, there is at least 200 Custom Clothings

    a cool Police MDT where Cops can create Notes and Bolos for Civilists and see there police files and the registerd cars with the License Plate, Wich they could track then with the Vehicle Tracker

    Also there is a Phone Tracker so police can track People by there Phone, but you can hide from that as a civ by either throwing away your phone or buying a new Simcard and changing your Phone Number.

    a lot of robbery Systems like Jewlery, Pacific Bank, flecca Bank, Shops

    a lot of ready Gang Jobs with own Hoods, Garages, Armorys, Clothing, own Custom Buildings and Mansions for Mafias.

    And of Course all the Basic Stuff that you know from FiveM Servers. There is so much i could tell more but its just to much,

    go try it out by yourself and you will be impressed :)


    F1 - Phone

    F2 - Inventory

    F3 - Emotes

    F5 - Bag Inventory

    F6 - Job Menu

    F7 - Bills, you can also see on your phone

    F8 - Fivem Console

    F9 - Pet Menu

    F10 - Personalmenu for alot of stuff

    F11 - Panicbutton for Police

    G - Lock/Unlock Vehicle

    N - Start/Stop Engine

    M - vMenu only for Admins you can set in the permissions.CFG

    B - Fingerpointing

    K - (Hold) - Clothing Menu

    L - Trunk

    U - Ragdoll

    X - Hands up

    Z - Give Up (Get on the knees)

    T - Custom Chat

    Pagedown - Documents

    Delete - Shoot tracker to a vehicle infront, only in Police vehicle

    Pos1 - es_admin2(only admins)

    Shift + Num6 - Arrest player with animation (Only Police)

    Shift + G - Tackle Player (Only Police)

    CTRL + M - Speed Radar for Police Cars

    Y - Change Talking Range

    CAPS-LOCK - Radio

    Holding B - Megaphone Only in police cars

    Warning!: If you want Your custom Clothes to work you need to buy the 15$ Tier from Fivem Patreon

    Im not getting any money for that, this is a requirement from Fivem!

    The Purchase includes:

    1. Database SQL FIle, you need to insert it into your Database and connect the Server to your database by Changing the sql credentials in the Server.cfg

    2. The FULL Server, so not only the resources folder literally all the startup files so you just need to download and click on the Server.Bat in Server-data. (of course before that you need to do everthing with the sql)

    3. Support On my Discord if you are Having Trouble (You can also purchase on my Discord and we can go cheaper)

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    Or Discord!

    Hope you will have fun with this Amazing Server!